Whatever our clients' investment goals, we have the experience and knowledge to deliver exceptional solutions across a wide range of asset classes.

Our Team

Our professionals will work with you to take care of the investment decisions and active monitoring of your portfolio

Sujit Hazra - Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Sujit Hazra is the founder and CEO of G Capital Partners Pte. Ltd. Prior to setting G Capital, Sujit, a veteran of 35 years of experience was the Director & CIO of Infinity Partners Pte Ltd, a multi-family office with a CMS license for six years.

His working experience lies with various banks like Manufacturers Hanover Trust, Den Danske Bank, UBS, Barclays Bank and Commerzbank. He has been a Chief Dealer and is also responsible for marketing Treasury Products with Central Banks, Local Corporations and also Multinationals.From 2007-2012, Sujit was in Soceite Generale Private Banking where he was the Senior Director responsible for the Prime Market Access which covers Singapore, Hong kong and Dubai. Sujit has a Bachelor of Applied Science, an advanced Diploma in Communications & Counselling and also a CFP(Certified Financial Planner) holder.

Chong Sook Kin - Executive Director

Sook Kin is our business and investment products development Director.She has extensive financial working experience having worked both in Singapore and Hong Kong. Her experience includes starting up and heading Treasury Division for international banks.

For over 20 years, she was head of Treasury divisions which trades in all G7 currencies/options and emerging markets in various banks, such as Fuji Bank, Republic National Bank of New York, Banques Paribas, Barclays Bank, Bayerische HypoVereinsbank

Responsible in marketing of treasury products to central banks, financial institutions,regional corporates and MNC. Hence, she has deep understanding for the requirements and investment needs of the high-net worth families in the region

Jenny Liew - Senior Vice President

Jenny has been a very seasoned private banker, with over 20 years of wealth-management experience in the financial industry. Her experience includes working in major global financial institutions such as Citibank, OCBC, Dresdner Bank and Soceite Generale. Through her years as a senior private banker, Jenny has successfully developed and cultivated a very strong base of high net-worth clients from the region, which she advises on wealth management, credit, inheritance and legacy planning. Over the years as a team-head, Jenny has won many accolades in her career as a very successful and top producing Private Banker. Jenny graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Melbourne, Australia.

Chow Chin Lin - Compliance Manager

Chin Lin is responsible for the regulatory and compliance requirements for G Capital Partners.

She is very experience in asset Liability Management and Fixed Income Investment. Over the years, Chin Lin is very familiar with various regulatory requirements and restrictions. She was in HSBC Private Bank from 2007-2015 managing the Interest Rate Portfolio and prior to that she spent 15 years in Commerzbank in various roles.